Chadderton Football Club - Super 6 Jackpot

Each week we will be running a 'Super 6 Jackpot' to enter each week please download and complete the attached document and return it to



Rules of Play
1.The cost of entry to the Weekly Predictions Jackpot is £1 – the objective  is to predict successfully  ALL 6 results from the games below (the Jackpot), and the total goals in the 6 matches (the Snowball)  The minimum prize money for the jackpot and snowball on any week is £50.00, The Snowball will be frozen if it reaches £1,000.

2.The Jackpot is won if all six results are successfully predicted. Should more than one entrant successfully predict all 6 results, the Jackpot will be shared equally between the winning entrants.

3.The Snowball is won if all 6 results are predicted correctly and the total goals in the 6 matches are also successfully predicted. If there is more than one winner correctly predicting the Snowball in addition to the 6 results; the Snowball will be equally shared between the winners.

4.Should nobody predict all 6 fixtures correctly, the prize money will roll over to the next week.

5.In the event of one postponement or abandonment (regardless of score line or time of abandonment), the fixture concerned will be ignored, and the winner is the person predicting all remaining fixtures correctly.

6.In the case of two or more postponements or abandonments (regardless of score line or time of abandonment), all entries shall be deemed null and void, and the entry monies for the week declared as such shall be added to the following week’s prize money.

7.For games held on neutral venues, the team named first shall be classed as the “home” team.

8.All entries MUST be submitted to one of the following Club representatives prior to the kick-off time of the first game:  

9.Unless otherwise stated for cup matches the score after 90 minutes will be taken as the result. In all matters, the decision of the Chadderton FC Club committee is final and binding.